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We are the parents of two kids (9 and 4), and we love good food. That’s why we have cheated our kids to cook with us. After seeing so much fuss around eating in families with small children, we decided to take our firstborn along to the kitchen as soon as she could stand on the chair. (Actually, already when she could sit on the kitchen floor.)

Well… that was easy, because she was an open-minded gourmand as soon as she got to taste something else than milk. Instead of that, at the same age our second child happened to be the most pickiest eater we knew. Or at least it felt like that.

Luckily, with our daughter we had developed our own practice of cooking together. So we took our mac&cheese guy to kitchen as well. It has definitely been a longer road than with his sister, but we are happy to tell, he is quite a gourmand himself as well and eats almost everything he has cooked with us.

We came from Finland to Berkeley, CA, to study for a one year. So please, excuse us our written English. Our native language is Finnish. We would still love to blog with our best English while we are here. California has given us so much inspiration with cooking as well as things to marvel at. We are planning write overall about food, about cooking with kids and giving some recipes of course.

So welcome, great to have you here! We are more than happy of you feedback.

Maija & Miikka

One thought on “Welcome to our blog!

  1. Thanks so much for visiting and following my blog! I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts 🙂 cooking with kids recipes are a wonderful idea.

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