Cooking Class Wontons

Today we were assisting the elementary school cooking teacher Michael Bauce in Berkeley. Sous Chef Cooking got inspired by this awesome recipe by Michael.
Before the class we helped Michael to sautee some sliced cabbage, bok choy, grated carrot and arame sea weed in a wok and flavoured it with grated ginger, organic soy sauce, and dark sesame oil.
Filling was placed on the readymade wonton sheets. The edges were wiped with the finger dipped in to the water.
The folded edges were sealed by pinching them tightly against each others. For elementary students and their little fingers it was quite easy.

Right time for cooking in strainer put to the boiling water was measured by counting slowly from 1 to 20.
20140312-155101.jpg The result was simply delicious. Thanks Michael! Sous Chef Cooking is looking forward to try this at home and modify our own version with our special Sous Chef instructions. Stay tuned!

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