Sous Chef will break into Italy


Dear friends. We are happy to announce the launch of Italian edition of Sous Chef’s Handbook (Apukokin keittokirja).
The Italian title called Il Manuale del Piccolo Chef is already in sales, published by a company Il Pensiero Scientifico Editore, based in Rome.
We are more than glad to let you know about all the details when the book is officially out. For all of you who read Italian please check out our Italian web site.

❤ Baci ❤

Maija & Miikka

Our new cookbook – out NOW

Book Cover

Dear friends. Our second cookbook, Apukokki maailmalla (Sous Chef around the World) is published in Finnish.

The basic idea and the methods are similar to our first book Apukokin keittokirja (Sous Chef’s Handbook 2010). In this book we approach  the diverse international food culture of California. American dishes are accompanied by the  immigrant cuisines that are most visible around San Francisco Bay area – Chinese, Mexican, Indian and Italian. The book was written and photographed in sunny California where our family lived between August 2013 and June 2014.

Take a look at the book and order it here or try the selected sample recipes:

Peace & Love

Maija and Miikka

New video page

Hello! Just created a Video Page to present our magnifico cooking clip where Sous Chef and Daddy cook the delizioso Pasta Alfredo and Greenish salad with lemon vinaigrette. Do you believe it really takes only a minute? No, me neither, but in one minute you’ll get the idea what it really is to cook together with your kids the Sous Chef Style. Check the Video & Recipes Page and have fun!

Peace and love


Buy the book Online

AKKDear Friends! We checked the online stores where You can order the original Apukokin keittokirja (Sous Chef’s Cookbook). The book is written in Finnish and published by Moreeni Publishing Ltd. – Global delivery & info in English – Global delivery – Delivery in EU – Delivery in Finland, Sweden & Norway – Delivery in Finland only – Delivery in Finland only

Pizza cooking lesson in Jupiter, Berkeley

Dear Friends. Sous Chef got a private pizza cooking lesson in Berkeley’s legendary restaurant Jupiter. It has been our favorite place during the year to dinner with our kids, and with all the friends visiting us from Finland. Our teacher was the head chef Miles Kline who brought his lovely children cooking together with us.

Sous Chef on the road

20140524-225700.jpgTaking photos in Santa Barbara, CA. The younger Sous Chef is doing his best to consume = destroy a caramel apple we bought from Monterey earlier today.
Our family is on a 5 day road trip: Berkeley – Monterey – Big Sur – Santa Barbara – Santa Monica – Los Angeles – Disneyland – Berkeley.
We’re about to shoot a bunch of photos for our coming second cookbook which will be published in Finland next spring.
So far so good. We took the longer and prettier scenic route along the coastline and finally made our way to beaches by LA.
Santa Barbara was not only gorgeous but delicious. More about it soon. Good night, it’s time to go to bed after a long day of driving.


Maija, Miikka & the Sous Chefs

How to wrap tamales for Cinco de Mayo!

Sous Chef got an honor to take a part to cooking session for Cinco de Mayo in our elementary school in Berkeley. The Parents Association organized the whole thing together with the active members from Latin American parent community. The dish to prepare was tamales with three fillings.
        The funniest thing in the session was that it was like a social meeting of twenty grown up Sous Chefs and couple of kids. The fillings were made in advance. The bunch of parents and kids were organized to assembly line where one sous chef did one task and give the tamale to the next one. It was fun but not as easy as it looked like. For a Finnish daughter and father the stickier than sticky stuff called masa was not too easy to handle. But we survived!
        If you have good tamale filling recipes, please share them with us and our readers. Write your recipe to the comment field of this post. We would love to try and test them together, and to “souschefcook” them to family version and share them back in the Recipes section of our blog. Por favor!

Fail no more! Get tortillas right

Tortilla-4230Our Twitter follower posted a comment that he can’t get the corn tortillas right. Sous Chef Cooking took Rick F’s comment as a challenge.

Fortunately for him and us we had just finished with testing a great corn tortilla recipe for our second cookbook.

Try it and comment please. What do you think? We find them tasty and easy but exiting to prepare. Our both kids run howling to the kitchen every time I mention the word “tortilla”. This recipe is the reason why. They just love to cook these flat things.



Hot or not?

Garlic-chili-oil-3169When cooking with the kids it’s always a good idea to measure the amount of chili in food by the taste of the most sensitive eater. It still doesn’t mean that you have to give up spicy food on your plate.

Our Garlic Chili Oil is a perfect combination of hotness and the aroma of toasted garlic to season your Dhal and other exotic dishes. This accompaniment is better to prepare it without the young Sous Chef, just for safety.

Taste our seasoning recipe to spice up your dish, and tell us how do you like it.
A) It’s Hot
B) It’s Not
C) Sore mouth… ouch!

Peace and love

Maija & Miikka & The Sous Chefs