Sous Chef around the World

Our new cookbook Sous Chef around the World takes you to a culinary trip to the world of tastes that can be found in California. This culturally rich state has a colorful selection of American and ethnic kitchens from local to Midwest and Louisiana, from Mexican to Chinese and Indian.

The book is dedicated to families who love to cook together. As in our first book Sous Chef’s Cookbook, all the recipes are written for two cooks of different ages. The instructions are divided to the tasks suitable for a child and an adult and separated with color codes that are easy to follow.

Sous Chef around the World is written in Finnish (Apukokki maailmalla) and was published  in Finland in February 2015 by Schildts & Söderströms. It is the successor of our first cookbook Sous Chef’s Cookbook (Apukokin keittokirja), that was published in 2010 and is now in it’s third printing in Finland. Italian edition of Sous Chef’s Cookbook was published in April 2015 under the title Il Manuale del Piccolo Chef.

The Sous Chef around the World in a nutshell

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In Finnish Media

Magnificent book! It explains very well, how to get kids cooking together with you. This would make a great schoolbook as well. If you have children or grandchildren, this is a book worth to get.
MTV3 Studio55 13.3.2015 (from 3:18 to 5:10) 

Our kids have cooked with us since they were small. Pihla was about two when she first time came to the kitchen and wanted to help. I took a chair and placed it on the front of the stove. We continued with measuring and mixing the spices.
Mondo 4/2015

It will result in good food and kids who eat better and are interested in food. New tastes are easier to get used to when they are served together with more familiar favorites.
Kodin Kuvalehti 12.3.2015

Take the kids with you to the kitchen! Miikka Järvinen’s and Maija Koski’s cookbook Apukokki maailmalla (Schildts & Söderströms) provides you international recipes for that.
Kotiliesi 6/2015

Even though the book is written for families with kids the recipes will work as well for single grown up chefs who love to try out new things. The recipes are a combination of American classics and famous ethnic delicacies.
Aamulehti, Satakunnan Kansa, Kaleva, Ilkka, Pohjalainen, Keskipohjanmaa, Hämeen Sanomat, Lapin Kansa, Kainuun Sanomat 9.4.2015

The central point of the book is San Francisco Bay, a melting pot of different food cultures. It’s focused on American kitchen accompanied by Mexican, Chinese and Italian delicacies. Every single recipe is tested together with kids, the Sous Chefs. 8.4.2015

Enjoy! Cook together in order to raise children who are interested in food, and eat with a good appetite.
Meidän Perhe 13.3.2015

One of the most interesting cookbooks of the year might be this one: the book where you cook foods from around the World together with the smallest ones in the family.
Aamuposti, Uusimaa 6.1.2015

Also the filmstars fell in love to delicious Pasta Alfredo. 26.10.2015

Cooking together is quality time as it’s best. The food is just more delicious when done together with kids. Can’t help it.
Iltalehti 24.10.2015

Along with the kids we’ve gotten new dimensions in our life, some kind of crazy curiosity. When the kids were small, we used to cook in our kitchen floor. It was just easier to decorate a cake there, for example, no matter for the mess.
Radio City 16.3.2015

In Blogs:

A good day’s supper.  These fresh summer rolls taste delicious in fall as well. Cook them together with your family!
Suomen ASH #MakujenPäivä 9.10.2015 

The lovely Sous Chef’s Cookbook has gotten a successor. The contents are exhilarating; Californian, Lousian, All-American, Mexican, Chinese, Indian as well as Italian recipes all done with Bay Arean touch.
Kaikki äitini reseptit, Apukokin sitruunakana  17.10.2015

This bean soup tastes great already after 10 minutes cooking, but it is even better with time. It also works perfectly when re-heated. I found this recipe from Miikka Järvinen’s and Maija Koski’s book Souschef around the World. For some reason, I can’t help smiling when reading the book. Maybe it’s because of  the pictures with kids chopping, enjoying the food and smiling. Or maybe it’s because of the relaxed attitude you can feel when reading then book.

Sillä Sipuli 7.10.2015

Now they are cooking in US, with fresh recipes, of course. This book is the best for those, who are interested in food and travelling abroad. You can get to know Mexican, Chinese, Indian and Italian, not to forget traditional American kitchen as its best.
Kirjavinkit 15.6.2015

Comments from our readers

”Your book is amazingly fancy, and the recipes we have tried we’ll make again. Mac & Cheese and the Lemon Chicken are the new favorites of my family. I also liked Avocado-Kale Salad and the Double Baked Oven Potatoes. What would I try next..?”

”Pizza dough San Francisco style with Marinara sauce. With the toppings that my own sous-chef improvised a bit. Totally brilliant instructions, and so is the whole book!!”

”Feeling euphoric! The most delicious dinner this week. Warm thanks to Maija, Miikka and the Sous Chefs for the Capers Fish recipe. Ah, the dish was so yummy. Now everybody: buy the book and enjoy the most wonderful delicacies.”

”This book makes me so happy. Bravo, Maija, Miikka and the kids!

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