Sous Chef’s Cookbook

Apukokin keittokirja (The Sous Chef’s Cookbook) was published in 2010 and is now in it’s third printing in Finland. Italian edition of the book was published in April 2015 under the title Il Manuale del Piccolo Chef.

“In our too-busy lives, there are few pleasures as rich and simple as spending quality time with children making quality food. The pleasure of the moment will repeat itself throughout a child’s lifetime, with fond memories of home cooking and a lifelong appreciation of healthy eating. The Sous Chef’s Cookbook is a warm, witty and wonderful guide to making the most of a child’s time in the kitchen.  Filled with easy-to-follow recipes and age-appropriate tasks for the little ones, the book will open the way to many happy, hearty and healthy dining experiences that everyone in the family will enjoy.”
– Alan D. Mutter, Lecturer at UC Berkeley, Graduate School of Journalism & Consultant specializing in corporate initiatives and new media ventures, San Francisco, CA, 12/7/2015

“If I had to choose the best cookbook of the year, The Sous-Chef’s Cookbook would win the game… The recipes are diverse and cleverly marked with colors… the book trusts, that children are smart and openminded by offering recipes from blinis to sushi and ‘ugly ducking soup’… pictures are beautiful… the layout is unpretentious, fresh and clear, perfect achievement!”
– Juhani Tolvanen, Ilta-Sanomat Plus, 11/15/2010

The Sous Chef’s Cookbook in a nutshell

How our book differs from other cookbooks?

Our book has completely new and unique way of writing the recipes. No book has ever thought for you how-to-do-it-with-the-kids in every single recipe.  While you are, for example preparing more difficult ingredients, your little helper can start tearing the leaves of a herb so they will be ready later.

There are a lot of kids’ cookbooks, that are illustrated manuals for a bit older kids, who cook by themselves, often some funny foods, like potato mice or animal cookies, as if children could eat just foods that look like toy.  In our book we cook with children that kind of food you would cook without children as well.

Our book is a true family cookbook. If you seek “family cookbooks”, you find books where an adult — usually mom —cooks for the whole family. So mom cooks, and the family eats. In Sous-Chef’s Cookbook there is a father as well in the kitchen, together with kids.

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Reviews in Finnish Media

“Cooking with children is often just fries and nuggets. The Sous-Chef’s Cookbook doesn’t fall to this kind of contempt… The idea of different fonts (colors) is great… The book’s content and recipes selection are commendable.”
– Markku Haapio, Iltalehti, 11/15/2010

“The Sous-Chef’s Cookbook encourages adults to cook with kids, but what’s the best, authors have also considered and tested, how it would work in practice, as conveniently as possible.”
– KaksPlus, 12/2010.

“The book offers a solution cooking together with kids… A fun, down to earth style encouraged to take action… Getting responsibility clearly inspired the child…. The book is a decent gift for little cooks or their parents.”
– Emilia Kolari, Maku 6/2010

“The idea of a small child to be included in cooking is bold and brave … Every place was red at the base, but it was fun. The child enjoyed in particular for breaching of eggs and patting the steaks.”
– Katja Kärki, Aamulehti 11/25/2010

Read about our second Finnish cookbook Apukokki maailmalla (Sous Chef around the World) that was published in February 2015.

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