How to wrap tamales for Cinco de Mayo!

Sous Chef got an honor to take a part to cooking session for Cinco de Mayo in our elementary school in Berkeley. The Parents Association organized the whole thing together with the active members from Latin American parent community. The dish to prepare was tamales with three fillings.
        The funniest thing in the session was that it was like a social meeting of twenty grown up Sous Chefs and couple of kids. The fillings were made in advance. The bunch of parents and kids were organized to assembly line where one sous chef did one task and give the tamale to the next one. It was fun but not as easy as it looked like. For a Finnish daughter and father the stickier than sticky stuff called masa was not too easy to handle. But we survived!
        If you have good tamale filling recipes, please share them with us and our readers. Write your recipe to the comment field of this post. We would love to try and test them together, and to “souschefcook” them to family version and share them back in the Recipes section of our blog. Por favor!

Fail no more! Get tortillas right

Tortilla-4230Our Twitter follower posted a comment that he can’t get the corn tortillas right. Sous Chef Cooking took Rick F’s comment as a challenge.

Fortunately for him and us we had just finished with testing a great corn tortilla recipe for our second cookbook.

Try it and comment please. What do you think? We find them tasty and easy but exiting to prepare. Our both kids run howling to the kitchen every time I mention the word “tortilla”. This recipe is the reason why. They just love to cook these flat things.